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Your company's legacy of paper as an information pathway is inefficient and an expensive invitation to transcription and transposition error. Electronic transaction management can provide 100% accurate business processes through validation to prevent errors originating from within your existing business model.

Enterprise Mobility... Not just a buzz word at Sivell

Sivell information management is real-time processing of point-of-transaction data. 100% accuracy through validation of material, delivery, service, directed work data at fixed and mobile locations. Sivell systems manage your EIP, Enterprise Information Pathway, with WiFi 802.11b/g, GPRS, TDMA, Mobitex, CDMA, VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and PN (Private Networks) with seamless efficiency. Sivell's 100+ years of information pathway automation accelerates your company's Enterprise Mobility by eliminating the try-this-then-try-that approach to integrated information. Sivell's focus is improvement of your company processes by using "brands" of technology you prefer or already own instead of forcing use of something different.

You know how these work... 

InterActive Sivell systems double productivity while achieving 100% accuracy.

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When comparing brands of hardware there are differentials, however Sivell solutions are neither brand nor host specific. You need not abandon platforms your IT staff may have implemented. Sivell's solutions fit your company's world...the way your company works. Click logo to view hardware brands...
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